Christmas Greetings

How quickly the weeks go by and become months.

I painted myself into a corner by saying that I was going to discuss aspects of piano playing about which there exist contradictory ideas. But when I started to research the ideas it was not at all easy to decide which ideas are based in reality, and which are prejudices with no good evidence.

So for now I have put those articles to one side.

What better way to kick-start the blog’s revival than with something seasonal (I am writing this on December 24th). So I have posted a selection of my arrangements and variations of a few popular Christmas songs and carols, as prepared for entertaining my workmates at end of year gatherings, and for local care homes.

They may make a nice background sound for Christmas dinner (but please talk over the tracks and don’t listen too closely!). The professional version is in the pipeline for Christmas 2014!

Check out the Recordings tab, at the top of the page.

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