Useful Web Sites

Bulletproof Musician
No, not advice for musicians performing in war zones!! This fantastic site, by a Julliard School graduate who is now a member of the faculty is packed with first-rate advice on: how to practice effectively; how to overcome performance nerves, or rather, how to use them to play your best, and not allow them to derail you; how to make pieces completely secure and much more. It is for all musicians, not specifically pianists, but it is none the worse for that.

Theory Tab
A beautifully presented and very useful site that shows the harmonic structure of popular songs and, most useful of all, lists many commonly used chord progressions along with popular songs that use them.

And the Rest

I will eventually remove any of the links below that have died, add brief descriptions to the rest, and put them into some kind of order. Until then, you might find it interesting to browse them.

Please note: I do not necessarily agree with what some of these sites say, but all are in some way useful, interesting or thought-provoking.

Teach Piano at Home

Schubert’s ‘Single’ dots

Jobs in the Arts (UK)

Piano Plateau

Dave Conservatoire

Celebrate Piano!

Reading Rhythms

Lang Lang Piano Academy

Playing opportunities in London

Craft of Piano

Piano Beauchamp

Piano Pedagogy

Clavier Companion

Websites for Sight reading

Music Theory

Piano Competitions

Piano Price Point



Alberto Lodoletti

Polkadot Music – for students, teachers and classical music enthusiasts

Science of Touch


Wymondham Piano



Common Piano Makes

Graham Fitch – pianist


The Piano Sage: Selection of ABRSM Grade 3 Piano Pieces 2013-2014

Tobias Matthay

(Almost) Everything You Need to Know About EQ

The Safe Mac

Mp3Gain PRO

In Mozart’s Footsteps

Hiring A Pianist

Concert pianist: how to perform under pressure

Interpreting Mozart on the keyboard : Badura-Skoda


How a piano technique book changed my playing forever


SE22 Piano School

GIML – The Gordon Institute for Music Learning

Mythbusting: Data Driven Answers to Four Common Assumptions About How Musicians

A Natural History of the Piano by Stuart Isacoff 

Classical music: Musicians as entrepreneurs

Piano Recording Studio with Bosendorfer

Mark Polishook Studio | Skype • Jazz • Piano • Improvisation

Interpreting Mozart on the keyboard

Alfred Brendel Essay Excerpts – A Mozart Player Gives Himself Advice

Glenn Gould – Weird and Wondrous, Classical Notes, Peter Gutmann

Denis Dutton on Glenn Gould

Musical Training in Soviet Russia

Curved Fingers and Tension

Stress in Piano Playing


Piano-hands: Web Sites

The Self-Released Album 101: The Basics

Music Promotion Tips from the Self-Publishing World

Musical Notation

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Piano Auctions

Piano Auctions – Beginners Auction Guide

The Music Box Piano Service :: Piano Facts

How to Make Performance Anxiety an Asset

The Myth of Talent

What I Learned Today: Talent Does Not Exist

Piano Bridges

South London Series

Elgar Museum

London Piano Group

Schenkerian analysis

Graham Fitch

12 things they didn’t tell you about learning a musical instrument

Rap Music Is Not Music (article) by Jay Dubya on AuthorsDen

Technical Exercises and Rote Pieces – Piano Safari – Rhythm Menagerie

How to play the piano in Russ Conway’s honky-tonk style

Elissa Milne – ideas about music, and about playing, learning and teaching the piano, with The Top 25 Piano Bar Songs

Map of Piano Venues in London – Forums

London Piano Venues – Google Maps

CD Click Europe – Disc On Demand

CD Print-On-Demand | The Indie Band Survival Guide – Beta

Classical Music on Classical Archives: Home


“Finger arthritis and piano playing”: Osteoarthritis Community – Support Group

Susan Paradis Piano


Interview with Marc-André Hamelin

The Business of Classical Music: Classical Music After the CD

Seven Sins of Our System of Forced Education

Virtual Keyboard

Music Paper


Cristofori Fortepianos

Harpsichord Clearing House

Period Piano Company

British Classical Music: The Land of Lost Content: Alec Rowley: Piano Concerto in D major

Easy Piano Music

Fleur Claesen : Pianiste

Telford Piano Teacher

Tuinwijk Huisconcert Serie

 Concert Blog -Bekkers Piano Guitar Duo on concert economics, creative entrepreneurship, and culture

Carl Czerny – Letters on the Art of Playing the Piano

Most Overrated/Underrated Classical Composer

London Pianoforte Series, Wigmore Hall : Classical Chamber Music & Song Concerts

Piano Reference Books Online

FAQ-Playing from Memory